Kimono Collection

The Rumour store is currently CLOSED. Covid really thrown a spanner in the works for our plans working with our makers up in Bali. Although production can continue in limited ways, Cargo shipments are majorly delayed, and this has meant that we cannot deliver as we used to promise. Instead of letting our customers down, we have decided to press PAUSE for now, and wait for borders to reopen to be able to operate in full again. If you have any spare change and want to help out the Balinese villages who are really struggling with no tourism after a year of closed borders, please give to @feed_bali or @balichildrenfoundation- they appreciate any help they can receive. A huge THANK YOU to all who have supported our lil label and purchased, shared, or gave us lovely feedback on our range collections thus far. We hope to bring you more amazing products later in 2021! If you want updates and to be kept in the loop until then, follow us on Insta:, or sign up for range release dates below. If you are a Retailer interested in stocking our range, order enquiries can be emailed to:, and we will provide you a passcode to enter the site for wholesale indent ranges once they are available (aiming for Spring 2021). Our hearts go out to those who are not able to be with loved ones overseas, or have found it tough going in this time like no other, Take care xx

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